Ye are the salt of the earth

February 21, 2022

Ye are the salt of the earth. Freedoms in this country could have never been taken from the people, unless had been first taken from the pulpit! Surely the sacred podium behind which the mouth piece of God stands, should command respect, for their intent to and of the heart of God.

Once the proclamations from behind the sacred podium are lost, freedoms are quickly seized upon! Therefore the enemies of freedom attack the pulpits first! For once lost, the people are quickly demoralized, which is victory for the enemies of freedom, for it is the first stage of the subversion of a people!

Therefore, in light of these Revelations, as a prophet of the Most High God, I make my stand first in Spiritual warfare to bring freedom first back to the pulpit. For surely if it had not been lost there, there would not have been so many of God’s prophets surrender in the first open attacks on freedom!

Political climate is determined by the amount of freedom preached in the pulpit. for politics draws its strength from the spirit realm, good, or bad.

When real power ceased to be preached from behind the podiums of our churches, there then was no real defense against the world of immorality. Men sought to be unfriendly with The Holy Ghost by creating seeker-sensitive churches, churches that would not speak of the nine Gifts of The Spirit and if they did, they surely would not let them operate there.

When the pulpit did not say that homosexuality was wrong, and that same-sex marriage was wrong, the enemy knew a weakness had invaded our churches and they made room for him.

Begin once again to preach that there is a Heaven to gain and a Hell to shun! Begin again to preach ye must be born again! Begin to preach again the Baptism in The Holy Ghost with the initial evidence of speaking in other tongues, as The Spirit gives you the utterance! Begin to preach from your pulpits to speak out against tyrannical government! Call it what it is! Tell the world, tell the government. Tell them that we will pray for sick and not take their temperatures at the door! When freedom is once again preached from the pulpits, freedoms for this country and the world will surely come again!


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