Why does mankind tolerate tyrants to rule over them?

February 21, 2022

Why does mankind insist on every so many years, for a time, tolerating Tyrants to rule over them. Why do societies insist on every so many years creating Hitlers and Nero’s?

Do men finally feel so guilty of their sin that they would rather be persecuted to feel payment for it, rather than turn to Jesus? This seems to be the only answer for some.

As far as the aged generation goes, are they drained of the will to fight? Or maybe even the aged stand in the belief or disbelief that the days of Hitler could never be again!

We are poised as a society, if things remain unchanged, that will surely be written of in man’s history, as the ones who tolerated the puppet Biden. A man with clear mental health issues, to be fraudulently placed in power and propped up as the ruler of the mightiest nation on the face of the earth!

We have seen an evil corrupt political party seize power in the U.S. that is in support of the greatest holocaust the world has ever seen: a holocaust of the unborn, murdered to the tune of over 40 million in 2021 alone, world wide!

If things remain unchanged, this generation will surely be written about as a generation who had more available knowledge than any before us, and yet, less wisdom than any before us to use that knowledge! Is this what is to be written about? Is this what is to be forever recorded?

God Forbid! Let it be recorded that our society, those old enough to remember those who had family that Hitler slaughtered, those who had family that died in the World War to stop Tyrants, let it be said that those of my generation rose up and stopped it! Let it be recorded for all future generations to read. Whether this generation be here or in heaven! For it will be read in both places as a matter of bravery or cowardice in this life and the life to come.

We must demand that the fraudulent votes be retracted and the fraudulent leader that those same votes put in office resign! Let those in congress that claim Jesus as their Lord and Savior rise up and demand this with no fear of retaliation!

For it is quite obvious that if this sickness that was turned loose on the earth could kill us all, it would have surely already done so. Stand up with no fear and say “this is enough!” This is for those in our Congress to do, or forever be written of as COWARDS! The Republican Party is who will be held responsible before Heaven for this lie they allowed to be perpetrated on the American people!

For they claimed to be the guardians of conservatism and yet so many of them sold out so very quickly!


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